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We are soon to include the availability of a set of PowerPoint slides for our PAD and Raynaud’s Guidelines. These will be available for download in our members’ site.

Honorary Fellow of the European Society of Vascular Medicine (FESVM) is a title of honour that will be awarded to healthcare professionals who have made a significant contribution to vascular medicine/angiology and continue to do so. The FESVM title creates visibility of the vascular medicine specialty and demonstrates the high-quality work carried out by these Fellows.

It is the aspiration that such a Fellowship will be recognized throughout the cardiovascular community as a symbol of excellence.

One of the primary goals of the ESVM is “To strengthen the links between the National Societies of Vascular Medicine/Angiology in Europe, and to encourage the creation of National Societies where they do not yet exist.” Not all countries have a Society of Vascular Medicine/Angiology however they may have clinicians interested in peripheral vascular diseases.

In order to provide these individuals with the help they need, we wish to integrate them into our Society as ‘Corresponding Members’ and allow single individuals practising vascular medicine in a European country that does not have a vascular medicine society to become a member of the ESVM on a personal basis with the specific mission to develop vascular medicine in his/her country.

Through this questionnaire, we want to evaluate the practice of diagnostic exercise among European physicians. Please help the Research committee of the ESVM get an evidence based idea of the real world of exercise and PAD, and of unmet needs, by filling the questionnaire (link to questionnaire below). There are no correct or wrong answers, just 23 questions to document your practice. This should take you less than 6 minutes.

Hopefully we should be able to send you the results (after their presentation at an ESVM congress) thanks to the E-mail address that you will be asked to provide. The mailing list will be kept separately and independently from the answers and not used for any advertising.

Until the end of the present COVID epidemic episode, Stay safe! Thank you in advance for your help.